Throughout the last 30 years, our uncompromising goal
has been to make boating simpler and better.

Ibiza's innovative boats are the result of 40 years of boatbuilding experience, and 30 years of experience in the development and production of Norway's largest leisure boat successes. Ibiza's core values are functional design, good seaworthiness, robustness and strength, all of which are the basis for an enjoyable boating experience.



Ibiza boats are known for their solidity, quality and performance, and are made to withstand impact, salt, sand, water and sun.

This is consistent with a sensible approach to environmental issues:

  • Our boats are designed and manufactured to last for many years, and have a high resale value.
  • Low or no planing speed requires less energy to move the hull through the water.
  • Modern outboard engines have low weight and low emissions compared to their power output. On average, a large outboard engine that has run for 100 hours, will have been driven at below 7 knots for around 80 of those hours.

An easy-to-drive hull is characterised by a low planing speed giving very little spray, effortless movement through the water with low wave impact even at top speeds. A good hull should also function well at low speeds and at rest.

In an Ibiza boat, you can move freely on board without the risk of the boat becoming unstable.

Ibiza boats have reached a near ideal balance between a sharp cutting bow, a V-shaped hull that ensures a soft and comfortable ride at sea, along with a width that provides great stability.

Ibiza hulls are fuel-efficient and can effortlessly manage speeds of up to 50 knots.



Ibiza Boats was established by Helge Duus in 1991. By which time he already had many years of experience in the boating industry. The ideas behind the functional design have evolved through many years of active boating. One aspect has always been central: large outside areas. The most striking thing about almost any Ibiza boat is the spacious outside seating and lounging areas, along with the v-shaped hull and the capacity and sheer power to delight its passengers.

The one thing all Ibiza boats have in common, is the well established Ibiza philosophy; Great design - not just for the sake of design, but rather to support functions related to a safe, comfortable and exciting experience at sea.



For more than two decades, Ibiza boats have delivered stable and high quality products, focusing on the importance of equipment and a high level of safety, combined with respectable performance. The reward being steady growth with a significant market share.

In the beginning, there were probably both competitive instincts and ambitions behind the launch of the first Ibiza boat back in 1991. It’s not easy to predict 30 years ahead, but had we known then what we know now, a more Norwegian name may have been chosen instead. For those who don’t know; Ibiza boats are developed and built in Norway, by craftsmen in the city of Arendal, situated on the south coast.



Boating enthusiasts will find themselves at ease in an Ibiza boat. You can tell that boating and seafaring experience is built into the boats by looking at the non-slip floors and the safety details in stainless steel that are designed to withstand rough use over a long period of time.

In addition to their eye-catching design, Ibiza boats functionality and practicality have played a huge part in the development of our products.

For many, owning an Ibiza is a value choice. Although over time it can also prove to be a financial investment, it does of course incur costs to operate and take care of a boat. If you choose to own an Ibiza, it is also in our interests to ensure that it has a good long life. In return, you are rewarded with the market's highest resale value.

Exciting, sea-going and sunny experiences for many years to come.



The Ibiza concept appeals to both reason and emotion. A little charming craziness, mixed with more than enough sense to satisfy the practical needs of a family.

In an Ibiza boat it’s even easy to accommodate a pram on board.

Not only can you cut the water's surface at around 50 knots, an Ibiza boat looks great with a champagne cooler on deck and has plenty of room for one or more golf bags onboard. In addition cleaning up after a fishing trip is no problem.

No matter which model you choose, you can be sure that all Ibiza boats are designed, and built in accordance to the same high standards.