1998 - Ibiza 25 SportCab

Sporty, exclusive archipelago jeep with cabin. Well-shaped 24 degree V-bottom hull makes the Ibiza 25 Sport have fantastic sea and speed characteristics.

1997 - Ibiza 25 Touring

Spacious, spacious and extremely seaworthy. The space on board is utilized in a very rational way.

1994 - Ibiza 20 Sport

Unique country house boat with speed and sea characteristics that will delight the most experienced boaters.

1993 - Ibiza 19 Touring

Day cruiser that also works great as a country house boat. Walks very soft and comfortable in the sea at all speeds.

1992 - Ibiza 17 Sport

Sporty country house boat with very good seaworthiness - ideal for sporting activities such as water skiing, diving, fishing and fast transport.

1992 - Ibiza 20 Touring

Ideal generation boat for fishing, water sports and overnight trips. The boat has an incredible number of uses. Accommodation for more. One of our great successes!

1991 - Ibiza 19 Sport

Exclusive country house boat for versatile use. Well-shaped V-bottom hull means that the boat behaves stably and exemplary under the most extreme conditions. This is a very substantial 19 feet.