2014 - Ibiza 24 Touring

Since its launch in 2003, Ibiza 24 Touring has been sold in almost 1000 copies in Norway! This makes it the country's by far best-selling day cruiser.

2013 - Ibiza 20 Sport

The Ibiza 20 Sport is developed on the same load as the Bow Rider. But this is an archipelago jeep of the "walk-around" type. Adapted for those who are above average concerned with water activities…

2013 - Ibiza 20 Bow Rider

The Ibiza 20 Bow Rider combines the comfort of the day cruiser with the spaciousness of the archipelago jeep. With a width of 2.4 meters that is optimally utilized inside the fender strip…

2011 - Ibiza 22 Bow Rider

With the Ibiza 22 Bow Rider, a new classic has been created. This is a high-level entry-level model. The Ibiza 22 Bow Rider is a bit back to its roots without appearing retro

2011 - Ibiza 25 Touring


Ibiza 25 Touring is a thoroughly refined product with the sea's best driving characteristics and solutions.

2011 - Ibiza 26 Twin Cab

Delicious, complete and solid. Huge aft deck, comfortable social cockpit, separate toilet room, complete galley and 2 separate sleeping cabins.