2014 - Ibiza 24 Touring

Since its launch in 2003, Ibiza 24 Touring has been sold in almost 1000 copies in Norway! This makes it the country's by far best-selling day cruiser.

2011 - Ibiza 25 Touring


Ibiza 25 Touring is a thoroughly refined product with the sea's best driving characteristics and solutions.

2007 - Ibiza 26 Touring

Easy-to-drive hull with low and soft planing threshold, little asked, soft walking, little impact and little wet surface at top speed.

2004 - Ibiza 22 Touring

Many of the solutions on board are a further development of the design and solutions from our successful 24 Touring, but in a more compact format.

2003 - Ibiza 24 Touring

Newly developed hull with superior speed and seaworthiness. Multifunctional seating solutions provide a wealth of options for adapting seating as needed.

2002 - Ibiza 21 Touring

All-purpose boat for water sports and overnight trips. Everyone on board sits comfortably and well protected from splashes and speed winds.

1997 - Ibiza 25 Touring

Spacious, spacious and extremely seaworthy. The space on board is utilized in a very rational way.